Wishlist: Summer Bags

Summer is the perfect time to spice up your accessories and with the weather being so amazing in the UK at the moment you need not wait for your holidays! Here I’ve rounded up a selection of the cutest bag with all the shopping links below.


Shop Ganni Snake Effect Buckle Bag

Shop Mango Beaded Bag

Shop ZARA Tote with Wooden Handles

Shop Trademark Red & White Gingham Grocery Bag

Shop KARA Off White & Tortoise Ring Cross Shoulder Bag


OUAI: Holiday Tested & Approved Products



I decided to take two of the newest OUAI products on my holidays to test them out at a time when I want effortless styling more than ever. Shopping links are below.

Sun of a Beach Ombré Spray

This product took it’s time to have strong results on me, I had a two week holiday and it was only in the second week in intense sunshine that I saw any major changes. However, once the product got going it did make a remarkable difference to my hair. My hair is naturally a mousey brown, but has warm undertones so the resulting colour varied from really blonde highlights to just a lighter copper colour. The difference in shades made my hair look really naturally sun kissed. My friends were all quite astonished at the difference it made, and perhaps the gradual nature of this product makes it harder to recognise yourself. I definitely did not want to splash out or commit to getting my hair coloured this summer, so this OUAI product was a perfect substitute if you just want to enhance your sun kissed hair.

Air Dry Foam

I hardly ever blow dry my hair, it’s not something I ever leave time for in my morning routine and I find my hair goes very frizzy from a blow dry so needs styling after which is too much effort for me on a daily basis. However, my hair is a bit all over the place, sometimes drying with curls, or a puff of frizzy nothing and other times relatively straight. It would be nice to have an easy product that could help me roughly control the outcome. Enter Air Dry Foam. When I first saw this advertised I felt like it was possibly too good to be true, but following my holiday trial (in over 70% humidity!) it has become a firm favourite of mine and no doubt a regular in my routine. It feels like my hair has been conditioned with no weight at all, making it tamed and smooth without any of the heaviness or oiliness of a serum. For fuss free styling, this is the product.

Shop Sun of a Beach Ombré Spray

Shop Air Dry Foam


Beauty Review: Tan-Luxe Face & Body Self Tan Drops


I am a sucker for anything that helps to fake a sun kissed look, so when I heard about Tan-Luxe drops I had to give them a try. Unlike the usual lotions and foams, you use only a few drops of these products mixed in with your usual moisturiser, to transform those products into self tanners.

I read a review before purchasing these items and the reviewer described them as being powerful enough to only require 1-2 drops per application. I was sceptical to say the least, but surprisingly I found this to be true (note: I did choose medium to dark in both Face & Body).  It is definitely a case of trial of error, but I would suggest starting with just a couple of drops because one too many can make a big, big difference.

The colour is really natural- I’ve only had comments enquiring how I’ve got such a nice tan in Manchester. It’s pure golden brown, not too deep nor too yellow/orange. Only word of warning, the instructions imply you don’t need to use a mitt, instead just guiding you to wash your hands after thoroughly. However, when I’m tanning my whole body I have been left with orange paws even after washing them. I would strongly advise still using a mitt!

There is absolutely no fake tan smell, you only smell like the moisturiser you choose to mix it with. I mix my facial drops with Glossier priming moisturiser, which is my usual daily moisturiser. This has made using tan on my face much easier, as I often found other facial tans were too rich and made me have break outs.

I would definitely recommend this product as the colour outcome is so lovely and natural. I would recommend buying the small travel sizes first to give them a try and they are perfect to take on holiday this summer.

Brand Discovery: SIR the label

This Australian brand has a contemporary feel, making quite minimal yet interesting pieces that create understated, cool looks. A selection of dresses, separates and a staple leather jacket is the brands formula. Each season’s collection is normally quite small which I really like because it creates quite an exclusive, small designer feel. The colour palette tends to be in quite muted tones, which works well for me as these make up most of my wardrobe so the pieces easily mix into outfits. It is quite a high price range, but the fabrics are beautiful and the designs true to the brands own aesthetic which makes the clothes feel special. I have the Brooke wrap skirt and long sleeve top, as well as the Gigi dress which are favourites to wear on holiday and to parties in the summer. Here a few of my favourite pieces and the link to the site is below.


Shop Sir the label

Stay in Pjs all day… but really.

I am obsessed with Yolke’s pyjama sets, they are slumber party perfection and more than that they are so easy to sneak into every day and look stylish. I have four pieces from the brand, one of which is in the stages of delivery -internal girly squeals-. All the prints are really pretty and vary from more traditional stripes to bright florals, some more prime for being daywear than others. I think the absolute best thing has to be the fabric. I purchased my first trousers and shorts from the brand nearly 4 years ago now and they are still in fab condition. The fabrics stretch means they retain their original shape and don’t crease when worn, whilst still having all the beauty of silk nightwear. Below are a few of my favourite styles, the deco palm is the trousers I have on order, and all the shopping links are below.

Shop Water Lilies

Shop Black & White Stripe

Shop Deco Palm


Summer Shoe Wishlist

I emphasise the ‘wish’, but you know, doesn’t cost to look. A round up of my faves that would be perfect for holidays, summer parties and given the lack of warmth in the UK a cowboy boot is a good compromise piece too.

Shop Parme Marin Shoes

Shop Attico Shoes

Shop Ganni Shoes

Shop Isabel Marant Boots

Shop Rachel Comey Shoes

My Swim Picks

It may be because I have a ridiculously long university summer, but I feel it’s already time to think about holidays! Hunza G’s stretchy swimwear is super flattering, I purchased the costume from the resort collection (pictured in yellow) and it hugs your body so nicely giving a comfortable feeling of support. I also have the red set from Ohana Swim, which is not about coverage but if you’re here for a tan then it’s perfect and the pop of block colour looks amazing. These are a few more of my favourite swim styles, all shopping links are attached.

Shop Hunza G

Shop Ohana Swim

Shop Solid & Striped