Beauty Review: Tan-Luxe Face & Body Self Tan Drops


I am a sucker for anything that helps to fake a sun kissed look, so when I heard about Tan-Luxe drops I had to give them a try. Unlike the usual lotions and foams, you use only a few drops of these products mixed in with your usual moisturiser, to transform those products into self tanners.

I read a review before purchasing these items and the reviewer described them as being powerful enough to only require 1-2 drops per application. I was sceptical to say the least, but surprisingly I found this to be true (note: I did choose medium to dark in both Face & Body).  It is definitely a case of trial of error, but I would suggest starting with just a couple of drops because one too many can make a big, big difference.

The colour is really natural- I’ve only had comments enquiring how I’ve got such a nice tan in Manchester. It’s pure golden brown, not too deep nor too yellow/orange. Only word of warning, the instructions imply you don’t need to use a mitt, instead just guiding you to wash your hands after thoroughly. However, when I’m tanning my whole body I have been left with orange paws even after washing them. I would strongly advise still using a mitt!

There is absolutely no fake tan smell, you only smell like the moisturiser you choose to mix it with. I mix my facial drops with Glossier priming moisturiser, which is my usual daily moisturiser. This has made using tan on my face much easier, as I often found other facial tans were too rich and made me have break outs.

I would definitely recommend this product as the colour outcome is so lovely and natural. I would recommend buying the small travel sizes first to give them a try and they are perfect to take on holiday this summer.


Glossier: Round 2


My second Glossier delivery arrived this morning! My delivery was smaller this time and the majority was reordering items I bought the first time- so that’s a testament in itself! This time in my Phase 1 set, for a change, I chose birthday balm which I am alarmingly excited about. It sparkles and smells of cake. No more explanation needed.

Please see below the link to my first review where in more detail I go through lots of the products.

Tomorrow, I am attending a Glossier Cocktail Party in Manchester which I’m super excited about!

Beauty Review: Glossier


Summer Beauty Wishlist

Sol de Janeiro, Brazilian Bum Bum Cream, £18– For a peachy bum on the beach this summer you need this cream. It’s enhanced with guarana, a native Amazonian plant that is one of the most potent forms of caffeine on the planet – perfect for stimulating circulation and keeping posteriors at their smoothest.

Mio, Body Brush, £14.50 – For anyone with cellulite or jiggly bits that they would like a little smoother and firmer this product is perfect. I have been using this body brush for a month now and have notice my skin feels smoother and firmer. I also find the process of brushing itself quite therapeutic!

OUAI, Rose Hair and Body Oil, £25– Though it seems to be selling out everywhere I really want to get my hands on this product. I have yet to try any products from the OUAI range (fun fact Ouai translates roughly to YASS in french) but I love Jen Atkins styling and the brands aesthetic.


Beauty Review: Glossier

My patience finally snapped and I couldn’t wait for Glossier to offer UK delivery any longer. After a long winded- and costly- process I have finally got Glossier!

I purchased both the Step 1 Skincare set and the Set 2 Cosmetics, along with super pure serum and cloud paint in ‘Beam’. The packaging is amazing, everything arrived in white boxes, with the recognisable pink pouches inside. The products were actually surprisingly miniature, but I think for both the lipstick and brow wand it actually makes the products much easier to use. The cleanser, foundation and serum also have clever pump or drop action tops which means you only get as much product as you need.

The Step 1 Skincare kit includes the milky jelly cleanser, priming moisturiser, balm dotcom and the perfecting skin tint in medium (this has recently removed from this set but can be individually purchased). All the products are quite light, not at all harsh on your skin, and leave my skin feeling balanced. The pure serum I also tried is amazing! I’ve had far less break outs since using this once a day before moisturising and any blemishes have been quickly minimised.

The cosmetics are similar in that they are light on the skin, looking to enhance rather than create a make-up look which I personally prefer. Stand outs are the stretch concealer which does just that, despite being well pigmented it sits so comfortably on the skin with a soft, moisturised feel unlike any other concealer I have had before and the boy brow which gives me the full eyebrows I have wanted for so long.

I could not recommend their products enough, particularly for anyone who prefers a natural make-up look. I’m just holding out for UK shipping to reorder!

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